Innocence Canada’s procedure for conducting case reviews is multifaceted and reliant on extensive collaboration between Innocence Canada’s volunteer lawyers, Case Management Counsel, and the Case Review Committee (CRC). The CRC is comprised of a panel of senior advising lawyers who supervise case progress, provide guidance and advice to Case Reviewers, and act as a decision-making body with respect to case progress. Innocence Canada’s review procedure is as follows:

Client Intake

Innocence Canada strives to take the individual circumstances and context of each case into account when assessing an applicant’s claim to innocence. Each case is unique and usually arrives at Innocence Canada in one of two ways:

  1. The convicted person or another interested party contacts Innocence Canada for the purpose of being sent an Innocence Canada application form. The application is also available online, allowing the client to directly apply to Innocence Canada.
  2. A lawyer recommends the case to Innocence Canada as a potential wrongful conviction. Typically, the lawyer recommending the case to Innocence Canada served the applicant as appeal counsel.


The Case Review Process is undergoing significant changes.  Information will be available here soon.