Public Legal Education (PLE) aims to build community awareness and skills in regards the law and justice system. Innocence Canada offers PLE sessions on topics related to wrongful convictions.

If you’re interested in hosting a Public Legal Education event or you have questions about any Innocence Canada education materials, please contact Stéphanie Nowak: or by phone 416-504-7500 ext. 225.

Innocence Canada’s first graphic novel is here!

The Jakob Jackson Story

The Jakob Jackson Story is a tool to teach youth about the causes of wrongful convictions, their rights and the importance of exercising those legal rights. We hope teachers across the country will use this resource in their classrooms.

Jakob Jackson Story

Author: Sarah Acker
Illustrator: Meryl Acker

Download Now (English)

Did you know?

Mistaken eyewitness identification is one of the leading contributors to wrongful convictions. Do you know WHY eyewitnesses sometimes get it wrong? Check out Innocence Canada’s new infographic to find out (click here to download the printable PDF).

AIDWYC Eyewitness Infographic

Author: Sarah Acker
Illustrator: Anne Roquecave

If you are an educator and interested in using this or other Innocence Canada resources in your classroom, please contact Innocence Canada’s Legal Education Program Coordinator: