Preventing False Confessions Video

Apr 16th, 2019 - Innocence Canada Exclusives

This video is directed at police officers but would be of interest to any person involved in the justice system. Specifically, it looks at the heightened risks for suspects to falsely confess when using the Reid interrogation technique, the impact of over-policing on marginalized and vulnerable communities, the role that language, racial bias, and differences in cultural beliefs play in Indigenous peoples being wrongly convicted, and examines some of the susceptibilities that those with mental health issues face in an interrogation room.

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The John Artis Story

Dec 05th, 2019 - Innocence Canada Exclusives

The film explores the life of John Artis, who was wrongfully convicted of a triple homicide in 1967 alongside his co-accused, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. Through a series of interviews, John reflects on his experiences; beginning from his childhood years in Virginia to the difficulties he faced subsequent to his release from Rahway State Prison in 1981. Aside from being a testament to John’s life, the film serves as a reminder of the immeasurable price paid when justice is miscarried.

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