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2017 CDP on False Guilty Pleas

Jan 10th, 2018 - Events

The wrongful convictions of Anthony Hanemaayer, Simon Marshall and Dinesh Kumar are proof of the frailties of our plea system in Canada. Anthony Hanemaayer pled guilty to a crime that Paul Bernardo later confessed to. Simon Marshall pled guilty to several offenses including seven sexual assaults and was later cleared...

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The Power of Coercion

Dec 21st, 2017 - Articles on Wrongful Convictions

This paper examines false confessions, particularly those made by individuals who truly believe in their guilt.

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The argument for a Criminal Cases Review Commission

Dec 21st, 2017 - Innocence Canada Exclusives

Read James Lockyer’s letter to the Liberal Party of Canada, along with his paper explaining the need for an independent Criminal Cases Review Commission in Canada for the Wrongly Convicted.

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Welcoming Kirk Makin as the New Co-President of Innocence Canada

Dec 21st, 2017 - News/Press

KIRK VICTOR MAKIN is a freelance writer and media consultant. Kirk graduated with a journalism degree from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in 1979 where he was the editor-in-chief of the Eyeopener from 1977-78. Prior to joining the Globe in Mail in 1979 he was employed as a fish cannery worker, fisherman,...

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