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Innocence Canada
555 Richmond Street West, Suite 1111
PO Box 106
Toronto, Ontario  M5V 3B1
Tel: 1-416-504-7500 / Toll Free 1-800-249-1329

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Staff Directory

Rebecca Dillon

Staff Lawyer
1-416-504-7500 ext. 6

Kerry Emmonds

Executive Director
1-416-504-7500 ext. 1

*For inquiries regarding fundraising, donations and sponsorship, please contact Kerry Emmonds.

Gurvir Gill

Staff Lawyer
1-416-504-7500 ext. 2

Stéphanie Nowak

Director of Education
1-416-504-7500 ext. 3

Laura Simon


Bhavan Sodhi

Legal Director
1-416-504-7500 ext. 4

Win Wahrer

Director of Client Services
1-416-504-7500 ext. 5