2017 CDP on False Guilty Pleas

Jan 10th, 2018 - Events

The wrongful convictions of Anthony Hanemaayer, Simon Marshall and Dinesh Kumar are proof of the frailties of our plea system in Canada. Anthony Hanemaayer pled guilty to a crime that Paul Bernardo later confessed to. Simon Marshall pled guilty to several offenses including seven sexual assaults and was later cleared...

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Wrongful Conviction Day 2017

Feb 01st, 2018 - Events

On October 2, 2017, a Canadian-led campaign to observe Wrongful Conviction Day (WCD) is expected to be marked in countries around the world.

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2018 Annual General Meeting

May 25th, 2018 - Events

The Innocence Canada (AGM) will be held on Saturday June 16, 2018 in Toronto. During the AGM, members will hear updates on Innocence Canada’s work from Jerome Kennedy, James Lockyer, Kirk Makin, Jonathan Freedman, and Paul Bennett.   The day will also include remarks from Ron Dalton and a keynote speech by Howard...

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Wrongful Conviction Day 2018

May 30th, 2018 - Events

Innocence Canada is recognizing two milestones of our organization on Wednesday, October 3, 2018: the 5th anniversary of Wrongful Conviction Day and the 25th anniversary of our organization. We have a lot to celebrate this year.

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