The wrongful convictions of Anthony Hanemaayer, Simon Marshall and Dinesh Kumar are proof of the frailties of our plea system in Canada. Anthony Hanemaayer pled guilty to a crime that Paul Bernardo later confessed to. Simon Marshall pled guilty to several offenses including seven sexual assaults and was later cleared of all through DNA testing. Dinesh Kumar traded in his second-degree murder charge for criminal negligence causing death, with a 90 day sentence to be served on weekends. With that he avoided competing with the expert opinion of the now discredited Charles Smith and his case was not reported to immigration officials. These false guilty pleas are some of the egregious, high profile cases that make it to the headlines. What about the ones we don’t hear about? The ones that happen daily in courts across Canada?

Our panelists will explore the complex issue of false guilty pleas-why people do it, who is most at risk and the role of the Crown, defence lawyers and the judiciary. The program will also make recommendations for reform.

Speakers Include:

  • Justice David Cole, Ontario Court of Justice
  • Jerome Kennedy Q.C., Innocence Canada Director and lawyer
  • Amanda Carling, Manager of Indigenous Affairs, University of Toronto
  • Others to be confirmed

LSUC accreditation is pending.

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Big thanks to the Law Foundation of Ontario for their continuous support of Innocence Canada’s legal education program and to the OBA Foundation for generously donating the space for this event.