It is with great sadness that Innocence Canada mourns the premature passing of Edward Sapiano who lost his battle with kidney disease on March 21, 2020. From 1994 to 2004, Edward served as a Director of Innocence Canada’s Board, in addition to being a vital member of Innocence Canada’s Case Review, Fundraising and Event Planning committees.                   

Edward’s contribution to the legal profession is legendary as was his fight to make the world a better and fairer place for all of us. 

Those at Innocence Canada who had the honour of working with Edward will remember him best for his sense of purpose and dedication to rigorously defending the rights of the wrongly convicted. He generously lent his legal and creative talents to further Innocence Canada’s mission.

Edward never shied away from a fight and was a voice for those who were powerless to stand up for themselves.

Edward will also be fondly remembered for his quick wit and sense of humour, as well as the courage he exhibited after being diagnosed with kidney disease. Edward never complained, he just wanted to continue to contribute to the legal profession despite his personal challenges.

Edward was deeply admired and respected with many in awe of his ability to unabashedly but thoughtfully challenge a system that did not always treat individuals equally.

When Edward was in the room there was never a dull moment. His energy was contagious. He was, in many respects, larger than life.

Edward will continue to be remembered for not only his contribution to Innocence Canada but to the broader community for championing the causes he believed in so passionately

He will be missed.