Why Donate?

Innocence Canada is the only national non-governmental organization working to exonerate the wrongly convicted.  While Innocence Canada benefits from the commitment of volunteer case reviewers who donate thousands of hours of time every year,  the wrongly convicted and Innocence Canada require other forms of support in order to prove claims of innocence.  These costs can include: 

  • Private investigators
  • Forensic testing
  • Expert opinions
  • Witness interviews
  • Court filing fees and expenses
  • Travel costs to meet with the wrongly convicted in prisons across Canada
  • Transcripts of proceedings
  • Travel related to investigation and costs of case management

Donate online

The Innocence Canada Foundation processes on-line donations via MiCharity, a secure online service that helps registered Canadian charities collect donations. Tax receipts are sent to on-line donors automatically.


Cash, cheque or credit card donations by mail

In order to receive a tax receipt, cheques must be made out to Innocence Canada Foundation. 

You can find the donation form here

You can make a cash, cheque or credit card donation by mail or in person at the following address: 

111 Peter Street, Suite 408
Toronto, Ontario  M5V 2H1

Donations of publicly listed securities and event sponsorship

Please contact Kerry Emmonds, Executive Director

Create a charitable legacy

Please consider leaving Innocence Canada a gift in your Will.  Bequests should be made out to the Innocence Canada Foundation.